Gurdjieff and de Hartmann piano music
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a KHA project

Music by Gurdjieff & De Hartmann
Produced by Marco Dana
Alessandra Celletti

24 bit digitally recorded, mixed and mastered at

sound engineer: Massimiliano Nevi
Graphics: Alessandra Guidoni
Artwork: Rita Giacalone

front cover "Sun and Sand" by Necla Humbaraci
photo of "Sun and Sand" by Piero Cefaloni

our gratitude to: Necla Humbaraci, Elisabetta Confaloni,
Piero Cefaloni, Dario Arcidiacono, Teresa Sbordoni


1. Sayyid Chant and Dance (3:59)
Alla breve. Moderato (21.III.1926)

2. Sayyid Chant (1:51)
Andantino poco marziale (23.I.1927)

3. Sayyid Dance (1:37)
dedicated to Mr. Gurdjieff wife (30.I.1926)

4. Asian Song (2:21)

5. Mamasha (1:02)
In the spirit of an old waltzer (26.XII.1925)

6. Asian Song (4:02)
Moderato (23.VI.1924)

7. Sayyid Chant and Dance (2:54)

8. Armenian Song (2:42)
Andantino (6.IV.1926)

9. Sayyid Chant and Dance (3:25)
Poco rubato (17.III.1926)

10. Song of the Fisherwomen (2:15)
Andantino (26.III.1926)

11. Hindu Melody (2:08)
Allegro ma non troppo (22.II.1926)

12. Asian Song (4:12)
Lento quasi recitativo (1.VII.1923)

13. Kurdish Song (Sayyid) (2:31)
Allegretto con moto (25.IV.1926)

14. Sayyid Chant and Dance (4:21)
Andantino molto cantabile ed espressivo (3.IV.1926)

15. Asian Song (2:18)

16. Song of the Aisors (3:21)
Andante con moto (2.I.1926)

17. Sayyid Chant and Dance (4:08)
Moderato (22.V.1926)

18. Assyrian Women Mourners (3:58)
Andante funebre (12.XII.1925)


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