Gurdjieff and de Hartmann piano music

KHA Records is an independent music label founded in Rome in 1998 and specialized in the repertoire of piano music.
The productions, the graphic layout and the quality of the recordings have contributed to the creation of a brand that is also recognizable on an international level.
Each recording projects is studied in detail, from the idea to the realization.
Our interest ranges from the baroque repertoire to contemporary music to jazz and post-minimalism.
KHA Records owes its name to a sanskrit word whose meaning can be summarized in "the vibration of the heart".


KHA Records is distributed by CD Baby, an American company based in Portland, where it is possible to buy CDs in both digipak and download versions.
The KHA Records catalog in the download version is also available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play.
Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and You Tube Music provide streaming listening to our albums.


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